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People Turning to the Online Dating World

In today's ever-changing dating landscape one can never be sure just when that special someone will show up in their life. It seems like our modern day life has produced busy and hectic schedules for ourselves leaving hardly any time to go out, have fun and meet new people.

This is the reason that more and more people are turning to the online dating world. People are finding it easier to reach more people and even pre-screen potential mates before ever communicating.

According to the Online Publishers Association and comScore Networks, American consumers spent $449.5 million on the dating services industry in 2003 that is an increase of 48.8 per cent which means that online personal advertisements and dating services accounted for more than a quarter of all Internet content spending.

One dating service that stands out today is one of the leader's in today's 500 million dollar and growing online dating service industry. Providing people with a variety of ways to meet and communicate with potential new friends or mates.

Megafriends allows you to view pictures and profiles of other members who have agreed to share this information in hopes of finding a personal match. Megafriends even has advanced forms of communication such as video chat and an instant messaging platform to make meeting people even easier than before.

Many of Megafriends members have spoken out about how user-friendly the website is and how easy it is to use all of the features and functions associated with being a member. As a member you are allowed to post your picture, list your profile, or even create a photo album of pictures so that people get to see more than just one glance of yourself.

There are numerous members who have found their soul mates on this online dating service website. Other than meeting a soul mate, many people have made life-long friendships and formed bonds that would have never been possible without an Internet dating/meeting platform like

Internet Society of Australia executive director Kate Lance said the trend was being replicated in Australia and would continue to grow as meeting partners on the Internet became more socially acceptable.

"It is becoming a lot more mainstream and people are willing to pay to connect with others they like," she said. "The Internet has always been about personal things - communication and connecting with people - even though business has always tried to make it about business."

If you have been looking for love in all the wrong places, and are ready to give online dating services a try, the dating service is definitely a great one to try out.

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