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Sex Chat

Tired of being told to "Just Say No!" to sex?

Or that you "aren't ready" for sex?

Well, you won't hear it on this website.

This website believes that you have a RIGHT to your sexuality - that it is very much a part of who you are and that you are entitled to explore it, and to know everything about it!

At you can SAFELY learn about and explore sexuality, you can see what others say and you can say what YOU think.

This site is about two things:
1. Giving you a place to SPEAK OUT on sexual issues, and
2. LEARNING about and EXPLORING sexuality - including YOUR SEXUALITY

All within a positive atmosphere of encouragement, where you can feel GOOD about the sexual side of WHO YOU ARE.

Everyone seems anxious to make all kinds of rules about sex, sexuality, and it seems everyone has an opinion. But to be honest, very rarely do adults listen to what the younger generation has to say. Is it possible that today's youth feel differently than adults do about sexual issues? This is a chance to find out. You can find out this and lot more on our site.

Delight in your full sexuality as you expand into waves of ecstasy and bliss. It is thrilling to share the passion of my ecstatic energies with you as we journey together on the path of orgasmic expansion. One of the few safe things to say about sex is that through the years, peoples views and exposure to sex have changed immensely. Long gone are the days when prime-time programs showed married couples sleeping in separate twin beds. Or when the term "pregnant" was referred to as "being in the family way." In addition, though homosexuality is still far from embraced by much of our society, you can't deny that its imprint has been left on our pop culture, from New York's Will and Grace to San Francisco's Tales from the City.

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