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Single is Happy

Being single or single parent is a choice. Fully realize that being single is the best choice in one’s life is also by considering the good and the bad side of it. Actually, nothing is wrong or right in that choice.

Choosing to live alone or being single is based on idea that one can have freedom in deciding what to do, one also doesn’t want any burden from their home, like taking care of their spouse, children or any problem related to family life. They choose to focus their attention to their career and to their root family, or to children of their brother or sister. Sometimes they even adopt children from their neighborhood which come from family with difficult economic condition.

Single parent occurs due to a divorce or left by wife or husband. Ready or not they have to go through double function as a father and also as a mother.

Man or woman single parent actually doesn't have any difference. They are in the same position that is raising their children and give good education and of course a better life for them.

What makes the difference is in the certain society such as in big city, being widow and widower is a common thing. But, in the society which still influence by myth that widow and widower is a bad thing, it will be so disadvantage especially for woman single parent. They are treated badly. The bad treatment comes from men or women.

There is one example case of my friend who has close female friend so that she trust her in anything. She tells her all about the ups and downs in her life to her. But time goes by and their relationship is over because of many factors.

Realizing high inter dependable to her friend, another friend of mine feels ignored and abandoned. So this friend of mine tells anything about her friend to other people, mostly bad stories starting from A to Z, the point she wants to make is that her ex-best friend who is single parent earning money from disgraceful way. Actually, this woman single parent is a graceful woman, she always does good things even though she is financially broken, but she never gives up and she tries hard to survive. Then I tell my friend that she should not listen to what people say, and I say that single parent indeed is a hot issue to talk about especially when she in difficult economic condition, but she need not to worry about that.
There is another case happens to my friend. In one opportunity my friend coincidentally meet a partner, a man and married. Because they have something in common and they feel good in any discussion then they become close friend. My friend realizes that the man is interested to her, but she tries to take him just as a friend. Until one day the man says to her ” don't you feel lonely? How can you handle your desire?. The man keeps on trying to tempt my friend to do things outside their current relationship, the man also ask her to cheat. But my friend says no and that is the last meeting between may friend and that man.

”It feels like he tears up my pride miss.....though I am a widower doesn't mean he can sleep with me....he tells me that i need love, i need this and that and so I low person like that? He should realize that he is a husband, I wonder why he doesn’t appreciate our relationship.”

My answer facing reality in society it will goes to the person itself. Let society judges whether you are right or wrong. There is possibility connection between man and woman, so does woman and woman. It’s all up to you in taking it. You have to behave smartly by positioning yourself into what you should be and what people should be. One thing to remember is that you have to keep friendship commitment. A woman analyzer tells me that everything is up to the woman, if she can say no to cheating so the cheating will never ever happened. Woman is better to choose a man with no marital status or even a widower if she wants to open herself to a new relationship. Or maybe you are happy with your loneliness.

Just make a fun with your LIFE..SINGLE IS HAPPY!!!

Do something you know it’s right...
Happy? Yes or no is something that you can feel by yourself

Life is just a matter of choice....

(taken from Life is Amazing, author Siti Meiyana Arafah)

Posted on Mar 24, 2010 by mey285

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