Deep Thoughts

Thank You

* If WE wake up this morning with HAPPY dan healthy, not feel pain, WE are so lucky than
million people will DIE this day.

* If WE never feel WAR, emptiness at jail, painful or sadness cause hungry, WE are so lucky than
5 hundred million people in the world.

* If WE can praying where we can pray without feel afraid or fear cause unrespect, under arrest,
mistreat and killed, WE are so lucky than three billion people in the world.

* If WE have food at refridgerator, wearing cloths at our body, roof over our head, and bed for
sleep, WE are rich 75 % people in the world

* If Our Parent still alive dan not divorce, WE are include rare

* If We always showing SMILE Face dan really THANKS that WE are Blessing of God, because many
people can do but dont want do that

* If WE can touch someone hand, hold dan touching their shoulder, WE are blessing too because WE
have offering a touch can heal up.

* If WE read this message, The GIFT that We received be more and more that have other people care
with US and lucky than 2 billion in the world cause cant read.

* Hope OUR days keep happy, lets count that gift we accept and telling to other peoples to remind that
life so beautiful and Blessing.

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Disadur dari KATA MANTAP.
Creating Your Own Destiny, Patrick Snow

Posted on Jul 19, 2009 by mey285

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