Deep Thoughts

Right Person For Mummy

I will not forgot this moment...
when I am with my son, he is 8y, sitting together at front my Laptop open all profil at my site in Mega.

He saw many photos there and read their profile.

Suddenly he saying I think he is 'right person' for you mum...he choice someone for me. I said are you sure he is good for me? My son answer 'yes mum'. 'Try send message to him mum!'

I send gift as he want to my new friend...I got reply message saying thank you and want to know more about me...
maybe its good challence for me, I think. Try to make good relation and works as Brother and Sister until least I know my son have good feeling for choice someone for his mum....

Posted on Sep 02, 2008 by mey285

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