Deep Thoughts

Two people in an ever twining chain

thoughout life people always wonder do two people meant for each other keep meeting up time and time again. no doubt as a human spirit who has recognized their other half keep meeting up sometimes as the opposite sex of each other where the mate in one life was a male in the next a female the other the same vice versa. or even a different race in a different culture where one wanders into a different world and finds him or her. one would always think that time to two mates means nothing to them as it keeps progressing. and it is through looking into each others eyes into thier souls do they suddenly realize they have found the other person they have sought for thier entire life. as much as conflict erupts between them they always find a way to come back together. even when they pass away they meet up and wait thier time until they come back down for another life another adventure until they meet up again and start thier time of love and life all over again until it is once again time to go and be reunited.

Posted on Aug 29, 2008 by SilverSgt

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