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what fate can bring into our lives

everyone knows things happen for a reason. for some at first it may not be what they wanted. others they get what they wanted but it ends up being the exact opposite and with unintended results. sometimes fate or a greater power feels that some people need a nudge or a push in the right direction to help them. what transpires from it is unknown since it can be an event or a person that was on the path for the person selected to meet. unless the power beyond wants to give a reason which it wont and will have the person which is affected by it figure it out on thier own. where it can be hours, days, months, or even years to gain the wisdom to understand an event or a person that came into the affected ones life. an event of course will have its set chain of events of a direction taken. where as a person brought into the act with the selected person is to help them develop maturely, spritually, or help guide them by being a mentor. these sessions can become a long lasting friendship, relationship, or a short lived time where the person parts with what is needed to show the selected one the path that must be taken than leaves out of thier life never to be seen again or at a much later time at fates discretion.

on the other side of the token a person can be selected to help another and help them develop in other ways to bring them to a better understanding. and of course leave suddenly or stay in the persons life since they are now entwined and become part of each others world of interaction to either foster a long friendship or hatred.

so whenever fate brings an event or someone into your life. you may never know the answer why upfront when it is going on. but sometimes a spark will be released inside that was awakened and help bring the reason forward as to why it happened and help you better on the road of life where ever it takes you and those you become close to from it.

Posted on Jul 13, 2008 by SilverSgt

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