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another world and the one we are in

for some of us we tend to be inside a world that only we inhabit and no one else. others from the outside wonder how the devil they can bring people like that out of that place and into the world of reality where they are in. some methods while they may work on one may not on another. loyal friends and family will try to help that one in thier own world to come out and be with them. they will appear at times as a hand reaching into that world stretched out hoping the person there will touch it and feel themself being pulled the world of where reality truly starts. others would call it trying to bring someone out of thier shell in an attempt to see who are the friends, family, and admirers that are waiting for them to come out. such people no doubt need alot of patience and love for such an undertaking is not a quick, light, and easy work. it always takes time and no something that is done overnight otherwise it would have been replicated many times long ago. even if they are brought into the reality there is a possibility they can degenerate and eventually end up in the world they had left some time ago. thus they have to be held in check to ensure it doesnt happen. confidence is one way to keep them from getting the feeling of going back to where no one can hurt them once they step back into thier isolated world again. so when you see that person in thier own world whether they are family or friends try not to pity them and instead think of a way to bring them out since they cant always do it on thier own unless given a guiding light to direct them. and once they leave thier world its amazing even to themself of how quickly it will disappear and how long no one will truly know.

Posted on Jul 10, 2008 by SilverSgt

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