Deep Thoughts

Love onto itself is extemely powerful

love by itself is more powerful than any known conventional weapon ever thought and any defense devised.

love can be like a projectile that can pierce any known self made armor or mental fortress trying to keep it out at the same time strike at a very high velocity that if it scores a direct hit on a heart of stone or other self made defense that it will blow it to smithereens. even a heart that is as cold as a core of glacier cannot hide nor withstand it if it brings the heat and light there.

no matter where a person hides or flees it will find them with deadly accuracy. it will always come when a person least expects it. when its power is felt it can lay a persons soul bare and vulnerable virtually unable to resist it. like a kamikazee speeding towards its target no defense or withering fire will deviate it nor stop it from its course to score a direct hit and bring a persons world crashing down on them unused to its power unused to its strength to lay a person soul that was once close and open it.

when it comes seeking when a persons time has come avoiding it will only have it become more determined to find you and bring one under its spell. for there is no escaping its accuracy for it is patient and will wait when an opening occurs and strike unsuspecting unrelenting.

those that have it as a friend find it is one that will help them through all times and live a very happy and graceful existence among friends, families, and the mate that will always be with them for life and beyond.

Posted on Jul 01, 2008 by SilverSgt

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