Deep Thoughts


I read something about laughter yesterday from a book that I am currently reading. Can you imagine that, at this moment in time, I can't recall the title nor the writer of the book!? But one very good lesson that it reminded me to have a happy life is to do something everyday ...

"To Laugh at myself and to laugh with other, but never at others."

The above is such a simple yet enlightening phrase. In being able to laugh at ourselves, we take ourselves and our lives in less serious a manner and hence more detached an attitude we hold from our precious egos. Through laughing with others, we are able to establish better relationships with others. The last (but no less important!), is NEVER to laugh at others. It is so easy to laugh at others. Yet so difficult to laugh at ourselves. I, for one, sometimes take things in life far too seriously than desired. I hope to learn to laugh at myself more and to share the joy of laughter with those around me.

Have you laughed today?

How about laughing with me?

Posted on Mar 23, 2008 by sweet_friendship05

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