Deep Thoughts

so hard coming to terms with grief

I lost my first nana in 2003 and i found that terribly hard to cope with,But I had my other nana thinking she not leaving me for years n years and so she helped me get over my grief and we formed a close bond between each other,She made me laff and sometimes dress in my clothes even tho they would never fit her
We would go out expsive window shopping saying we will buy that next week but never did lol,,then in august of 2007 my brave nana lost her fight to a super bug that took her life,my world collapsed I have days that i think why me and my family,My grandad was really strong at her funeral bless him ..I was a heart broken screaming and crying and tried to stop her coffin going to her final resting place ..I need to think of all my memories of my beloved grandma's

Posted on Jan 13, 2008 by roxxy

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