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Differences Between the Sexes

The differences between men and women have always intrigued me, and at times of course completely amazed me at how different we truly are. It sometimes makes me wonder how so many of us find ourselves attracted to, and falling in love with one of them. I guess it is true that opposites really DO attract.

One of the big differences that I have noticed is the concept of time. Women tend to be more based on the real world time. Lots of times we like to get things done here and now, we like to sit down and have those talks now, and not be pushed off to some unknown time and place by the men. Sometimes I wonder if it is a prerequisite for men to adopt their own time zone in order to really be considered a man. Do they make unique
watches that run on a completely different time that men buy that women are unaware of?

Another big difference is the whole talking thing. Face it, women love to talk!! I personally could go on and on, talking about this and that; nothing really important, just talking. Men on the other hand tend to not talk as much, and when a woman is talking he tends (or so it seems) to kind of zone her out with an occassional 'uh huh', 'yeah', 'no' or a nod of the head. Do they really think that we are unaware that they haven't REALLY heard a thing we have said?

Romance - many men don't really have a clue what that is. Notice I said many and not ALL. There are some out there that are pretty good with this, but lets face it some men do in fact need some help. I'm not saying all women are romantic, but um well most of the ones I have known are. I don't think that it really takes much to please women when it comes to romance, now I could be biased because I am a woman, but seriously all it takes for me is a tender touch, a cuddle, and a chat. Now really is that difficult to do?

Sex - so many people think that men are the all time sexual beings. Well, that may be true to a certain extent, but news flash women like sex too, maybe even more than men. We just grow up being taught that sex is a private thing and it is not a 'womanly' thing to do to speak about it, and act upon it. After all, a woman who has a few more sexual partners than may be 'acceptable' is considered a slut, whereas men it doesn't really matter. And for those of you that think that women like the romantic, candlelit sex.....that is true, BUT sometimes we like the, well um how should I say this, down and dirty get right down to business sex Innocent.

Lastly, the biggest difference I believe is the difference in language that the genders speak. When a woman asks a man if everything is ok and his answer is 'fine' generally this is the case. HOWEVER if a man asks a chick the same question and her reply is 'fine' you better watch out because everything is all but fine!! Then there is the whole are you sure thing....when a man says 'are you sure honey' and she replies with 'yes, yep, sure, everything is fine' you better run for the hills or else get out your guide to 'Deciphering Women's Language: Volume 46574' considering our language changes quite often!

I'm not trying to say that women are easy to live with, and I know that men are not particularly easy to live with either, and when you think about it, it is quite amazing how good we are when we're together. The differences between the sexes is just that, a difference which makes us all unique and brings us all together.

Of course this is MY point of view, and since I am a woman it might have come across as slightly biased. I'm sure men would have an entirely different point of view than me about this subject matter. ~beth~

Posted on Dec 12, 2007 by sweet_friendship05

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