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Today I have a message about the word "sorry". Hope you all enjoy it.
May we always have wisdom to use correctly this beautiful word.


Some people always have their apology in the planning stages...
And there are others who suppress their apology and can't get it out.
Some people need to have their apology squeezed out with force...
And there are others whose apology is never whole.
Some people say they're sorry so many times that it's hard to know when they really mean it.
And there are others who will never apologize, unless the other person apologizes too.
Some people whisper their apology so quietly, it is barely heard...
And there are others who never think to ask forgiveness.
For some people "sorry" is nothing but a game of words.
And for others their apology is part of a strategic plan.
Some people are separated by just one apology.
And others are reunited by just one apology.
For some people "sorry" lifts their spirit and carries them far...
And for others, sorry opens up locked doors.

Sorry clears the slate and creates a new beggining.

Posted on Nov 07, 2007 by sweet_friendship05

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