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what too do when you find out bad news

Hey everyone i thought i would share some things that are going on in my life.Awhile back on a sunday night i was having back pains,which i also had some trouble breathing,and some blurried vision,some time that night i came down the stairs to let my sister know what was wrong well in the proccess of me coming down the stairs i fell i hit my head on the wall,my sister then took me to the hospital,which where they ran cat scan and some other tests on me.After the cat scan they found some bleeding in my brain.The hospital kept me over night then transported me to another hospital,which they kept me for a few days,I had all kinds of machines hooked up to me,alot of iv's in me,after the few days went on i was released,but i had to get an open mri done,i got that done,then went to the neurosurgen,to have my mri read to me,they found that i have an AVM,the doctor told me that i should get a second opinion,which i did,that lead to another mri,cat scan,and after all that i found out the worse news that i could ever recieve other then my parents dying in front of me.The docotr at univeristy of michigan told me that i have a bleeding brain tumor.Now i need surgery but there are some complications that can happen.I have told someone else whats going on cuz i do consider them my friend and they know who they are.When i have the surgery i could make it thru but i also could die from it.The hardest thing for me is trying to tell my 10 year old son that he might not have a daddy anymore.I am praying that everything does turn out good for me and my son,but also theres apart of me that thinks something wrong is gonna happen,i know thats wrong to do but you must think of everything specially when you only given a a certain percentage to make it thru the surgery alive.I thought i would share that with everyone,i do know alot of people have there own problems rather it be with the own family,parents,brother sisters,and so on but picture yourself in my shoes for a minutes and think of a way how you can tell your son or daughter that you might not make it thru this surgery.Then maybe some people will relize this,there are other people in the world that have more and serious problems besides themselves.I am not trying to start anything or trying to be selfish.just stating facts

Posted on Sep 28, 2007 by Bigrick33

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