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It’s been a very long time now since we last saw each other. I remember it still as if it was just yesterday… You were waiting in front of my school probably so we can talk and I was not in a good mood then after a disagreement at home… when I passed by you I was lost in thought that I did not realized that you were there waiting for me... after some seconds I turned back to were you stood… I searched for you but you were gone probably hurt and disappointed… it was not intentional. I am sorry.

I can still picture ourselves as we sat beside each other in class… we were still young in grade school and we were so naïve then… our souls communed even when words were absent. Our young hearts delight in candor and pristine affection that we for the first time in our lives felt… infatuation? Nothing seemed more important or relevant then when we were in each other’s presence… We felt it so strong that we waited for the following day with wanton desire yet within innocent love.

I often wonder what the kaleidoscope of our lives would have been if some of the minute events were different… Perhaps the tenderness that we have for each other would have been expressed… this beautiful feeling was just starting to bloom between us… Maybe we could have braved the storms together as we faced it then... Sometimes I ask myself if time is to turn back to the genesis of our friendship along with the experience and knowledge that we now have… Would the succeeding events be the same?

Its all in the past now and we moved forward with each of our lives like the velocity of the stars fast and yet slow… We reach out like proud Spanish stallions on verdant fields and hills amidst prolific flora and fauna… Exploring life and all its mysteries… The tapestry of life compels us to move on like asteroids drifting almost without direction but destiny defines us differently from the avid life reader…

For as we age we start to pace ourselves like little children… our faith grows and we learn to trust God even our best dreams and expectations came to naught… for we believe that in our hearts anchored to God’s word… there is hope… and beyond us is something greater than ourselves… Moments pass by but from time to time I still travel this memory lane where once in God’s embrace we were like angels in heaven, joyful in the presence of a friend, a love one, a family… in peaceful unity.

In every journey in life we echo the song of our youth, little children of God’s design in the midst of life’s disenchantment we shine like stars and smile in remembrance… Life is short in this world but our spirits will never pass away even when this stardust returns to the space from whence it came we will live again together with countless brothers and sisters…in Christ.

We will work out the plan Father God laid for us during the foundation of the universe and then rest content with Father God in solemn worship of his Greatness & Benevolence… We are never forgotten… Like the rainbow after the rain…


Posted on Aug 31, 2007 by MrSilent888

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