Deep Thoughts


my father was a soldier for the navy seals,so i like to write about them,I came up with a bullet seeks the blood of a soldier it won a shakespear aword in two thousand and five,my new one is a soldier watches anothers back,at the edge of the jungle,a soldier watches anothers back,so when the dark stormy clouds has come upon it and turns it black ,just like that anothers got his back,but when the coldest rain falls down upon the soldier that watches jacks back,he thinks back,and sheds his tears untill there become so many he loses sight of jacks back,and a bullet slips by,and just like that jack takes a bullet in the back,and he falls to his knees ,and jack falls back upon the ground and plunges deep into it ,as he lays there upon his back,the darkness of death sets in at the edge of the jungle ,and just like that finds jack,as it lays heavy upon his body ,his life saveing blood begins to slips away from his body and falls to the ground and stains it red ,and jack slowly puts his hand upon his wound and feels it,as he looks up he sees the soldier that watched his back the best he could,then the darkness of death sliped into his eyes,as the light in them slowly begins to slip away,the soldier looked into jacks eyes and saw the last of the light slowly slip away from jacks eyes ,and he cried as he closed his eyes for the very last time upon the battle field ,as the darkness of death sets in on the soldier forever more upon this earth when his mind slips back to when he watched jacks back...

Posted on Aug 28, 2007 by whiteswan77

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