Deep Thoughts

love is upon a grain of sand .

love is upon a grain of sand upon this beach.
because when i saw you i knew id lay you down upon this grain of sand.and my heart beats for you .and my pssions runs higher than i knew they would .and i loved you deeper than i knew i could upon this beach while i make love to you in a way that it makes the world begins to dissapear .and it takes us so high that we could be placed deep inside of a white fluffy cloud.and drift away into a place where our naked bodys are intwined and just in time to sip our fine win,and just in time to desire a kiss from our wine stained lips,as they softly touch upon one another we taste the sweetness of our kisses,as the white fluffy cloud jently puts us back upon the beach where our love once began.

Posted on Aug 25, 2007 by whiteswan77

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