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Behind The Keyboard...

Did you ever chat with someone that promised you the world and that your
friendship will be forever, and then they were gone? Do you forget about them
and move on, or do you wonder "who was that person really, that was behind the

Have you ever hid behind your keyboard, pretending to be something you are
not, just to boost your ego? As you sat there and typed have you ever lied,
thinking "who cares, that person behind the keyboard, it is only a fake
person?" Did you ever hurt someone thinking "it's only a game?"

Well, behind each and every keyboard are very real people, some might be
heartless cold people, not caring who they hurt, but then there are people that
are caring, loyal, honest and all kinds of people hoping for some
companionship online.

Behind the keyboard can be someone who is seriously depressed and their only
hope is to make a friend, maybe an aging person who once had a family, but
now they live too far apart to see one another, perhaps there is someone that
cannot walk anymore or a person so ill they are in the house forever.

As we enter the world of the Internet we should remember, it is a very real
world and behind each and every keyboard is a person who has a heart. No one
has a life that is pain free, so as we go online whether in chat or just
e-mailing, we must remember to treat each person the way that we want to be
treated, to respect each others' feelings and to offer friendship because the
truth is we really do not know who is behind the keyboard or what kind of hurt
someone may be feeling. To be the best to others that you can be should be
the "key" to a good, honest life.

Someone behind a keyboard

Posted on Jul 04, 2007 by Enchanting_Enigma

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