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Are you superstitious?

Literally, i do not agree with superstitious beliefs. i firmly think that these things only delay the possibility of improving your logical way of credulous ideas...however, they don't see the point where they almost look upon it as their pattern as to how to live their lives. Frustrating, i feel like they are fooling theirselves. alright then, so we have our so-called "own" choice, maybe our opinions were influenced by how we were brought up or how we adapt with our environment but i know for sure that these things aren't only the ones to consider why people end up being very dependent of that matter. I do not go to church every Sunday and i do not read the bible regularly but i do my daily devotions b4 i sleep and even if that's the case, i am still keeping my faith, only less enormous. Why did i mentioned that? it's mainly because if it wasn't for the bible i wouldn't understand that just because an authority said something "believable" doesn't mean you should go and decisions regardless of what others dictate you to. We do not always make the right decisions but we correct them.

Posted on May 06, 2007 by sweet_friendship05

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