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The Photo Vote

Photo Vote now allows you to choose a favourite photo from 3 different members. It's a great way to have some fun and a quick and easy way to view multiple members at one time!

To start, just click the 'Photo Vote' link on the left-hand menu. On the following page you will see photos of 3 different members. Below each photo is the member's nickname and a short bio that shows the member's age and location. This is followed by a 'Bookmark me now' link.

To view a member's profile click on their nickname. Use this link to find out more about a particular member.

To bookmark a particular member's profile for later viewing, click on the 'Bookmark Me' link.

To vote for a particular member simply click on their photo. It's that easy! This will tabulate your vote for this member and automatically bring you to a new set of 3 photos. From there you can continue voting by clicking your favorite member's photo. If you do not wish to vote on any of the 3 photos displayed just click the 'Skip' link below the participants and a new set of photos will be shown.

How Does It Work?

When you vote for a member (by clicking on their photo) the vote is added to their Total Votes and this will determine their placement on the Photo Vote Toplist. The more votes a member receives the higher they will show in the Toplist.

You can view the Photo Vote Toplist by clicking the 'Click here to view the Photo Vote Toplist' link below the member's bios. On the Toplist you can click the member's nickname to view their profile.

Member's photos are randomly chosen from the database of participating members. To participate a member must have a photo on their profile, have visited Megafriends within the past 90 days, have the Photo Vote setting turned ON in their Settings and have their profile Active.

The votes will be zeroed periodically.

The Photo Vote is for fun only and should be treated as such. No abuse will be tolerated. Any member found to be attempting any type of vote fixing will be deleted immediately without warning.

All members with a profile photo are eligible to vote.

Participate And Be Seen!

The Photo Vote is a great way to get more exposure for your profile! If you haven't already, get your photo online now and join in on the fun!

To add your photo log in and click the 'Photo - add' link in the Your Account section, near the top of the right-hand menu, of your Account Home page (or click the link at the bottom of the Photo Vote page). Follow the instructions from there (If you have problems, attach your photo to an email and send it to Please include your nickname and email address).

To edit your Account Settings click the 'Your Settings' link in the Your Account section, near the top of the right-hand menu, of your Account Home page. Then scroll down to the 'Vote Photo Participation' section and click the 'Enable' link to turn your Photo Vote participation ON.

Then regularly visit Megafriends to keep your profile active.

Once done, your photo will be automatically entered into the Photo Vote!

You can view the members that have voted for you in the Photo Vote section near the bottom of your Account Homepage. You can view your Total Votes in the top of this section.

It's Simple And Fun!

Give it a try! Click the 'Photo Vote' link on the left-hand menu now and have some fun!

Posted on Feb 28, 2005 by Site Admin

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