Love in a Bucuresti Winter

Dear magafriends

I met my mega friend lover and wife here. We met in Bucuresti and it snowed for 3 days non-stop, we visited the museum of biology, i saw the palace, the opera and a very groovy soccer restuarant and met her best mate - i saw sadness and poverty and also experienced warmth and kindness - - the experiences i had in Romania with my megafriend helped to keep me humble and honest, we snuggled kept warm and fell in love - we worked so hard afterwards to be great friends and partners and i hope it was not wasted. My megefriend was so strong but really it was a bit of anact she was vulnerable too but always so brave. I wanted to be as humble as the experience made me feel - - it was like an epiphany meetin her - now we have lost touch and started to lose faith - i wait her forever my profile her as an option for her to contact me again and i pray bring me the lucky that she so wished for me.

Thank you megafriends - thank you always Alexandra x x x

Posted on Aug 25, 2008 by Past member

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