Many sites claim to help you find your soul mate, the love of your life, the one you just canít go on without. What do you do when you arenít exactly sure if you are ready to find that special person? That is the same thought that ran through my mind when I was looking for a pen pal. I really was not looking for my soul mate; I just wanted to meet someone from another country online so that I could find out more about that country. My Country of choice was Australia. Someday I wanted to go and visit, so I thought, why not a native that maybe could be a tour guide someday. I just so happen to put male in my search criteria because I feel that I am better with male friends than female and I did not want to mislead a female who might have been looking for something more than a friendship. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I am visually impaired and use a screen reader to operate a computer. I wanted someone who wouldnít judge me because of my disability. When I searched for a pen pal site, I found that Megafriends was the most accessible for me.
After performing several searches and even joining the site, I kept coming up with one specific match, nicedave26. Something drew me to him and now, I know that it was my soul mate just waiting on me to send him a message. I sent him a message and even learned how to do MSN Messenger in order to communicate with him. After several days of communication through MSN and e-mails, we decided to call each other. It was amazing! We talked for around three hours and felt as if we had known each other for years. I did tell him right away about my visual impairment, but he said that it did not bother him and it was just another fascinating aspect of my personality. Dave said that he loved me after only about a week of phone calls, e-mails, and MSN messages.
In August of 2007, I flew all the way to Australia to meet the love of my life. This was only about five months after we first met online, and my Mom was the one who suggest I go and meet Dave. It was the most nerve racking, scary, and exciting journey of my life. When I came out of customs, it was like a movie. I couldnít see him, but he saw me. The person who was assisting me called out his name and he spoke up. I was told that he had some flowers for me. The airport staff member brought me to Dave, and the instant we hugged, I knew, this was the soul mate and love of my life that I never knew I would find. Dave proposed to me that first night. I went back to Australia for Christmas and was given a beautiful engagement ring. Now, one year after we first met on Megafriends, we are working on the visa that will allow us to marry and live in the United States. If it wasnít for Megafriends, I would have never found the love of my life. Thank you Megafriends, you have helped me find the man I have always wanted. Without your site, Dave and I would have never met. True love is possible, even for those who werenít looking for it in the first place.

Kim and Dave

Posted on Apr 01, 2008 by Past member

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