I love mega

I love mega because I found my love in mega. And also thanks God because Almighty shows this man to love for me. I'll never leave mega because it makes my days full of dreams and stimulates me to be written this poem.

A Simple Girl's Love

Love makes me harm,
but I see it charm.
Love makes me wound,
but I try to be tuned.
Love gives me sad,
but I attempt to be glad.
Cause.... why I'm in love
is not to hate or not to be duff.
I know I'm in crazily dreaming,
yes! that's why I'm Ahching.
Though he loves me or not,
Though we met in short,
My love is for Giuseppe Silvestri Pino,
He will be my forever Romeo..................

With endless loves

Posted on Dec 18, 2007 by Past member

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