Amazing, Simply Amazing!

I came to Mega Friends about 4 years ago, not really sure what I was looking for as I was just out of a pretty messed up relationship. It took me awhile to open up and talk to people as trusting people seemed to be a problem for me. I have to say I have meet some pretty awesome people here and have made quite a few long lasting friends and I am grateful for that.
In February 2006, I got an interesting email from a guy in the UK. I responded to the email in a friendly manner for in my mind he was far away and I saw no chance in meeting but could be pen pals. We emailed for about a month, exchanging pictures, thoughts and dreams of what we wanted for our futures. In early March 2006, I received an email from him saying he had planned a trip to a museum in Atlanta and asked if it were possible for us to meet. I had just begun to date a little, nothing serious, but saw no reason why we shouldnít and agreed to the meeting. When he arrived in Atlanta he called and we made plans for further in the week.
Later that week he called and let me know he was in town and we scheduled a meeting. I really didnít know what to expect because I kept telling myself that only a friendship could become of this as he lived so far away and I would probably never see him again. The day of our meeting he came to my house with a little gift bag for me that had little trinkets from the UK. He met my family , the we went out to dinner and had a wonderful conversation. He was different in many ways, he was very kind, sweet , very much a gentleman and quite handsome. We spent the week going different places and just hanging out getting to know each other. Iíve never been shown so much respect before as he never made pass nor did he ask me back to his hotel. I didnít really want the week to end and I didnít share my thoughts about it with him because I never thought it would go beyond a friendship.
After his return back to the UK, he wrote and expressed how much he enjoyed meeting and our time together. I didnít want to continue reading the email as I thought it may be one of those, you know it was nice but...... Well it didnít, just the opposite. And even though it was what I wanted to hear, I didnít
See how it was going to work, even though I could not get him off my mind.
As the months past and many emails and phone calls later, he said his family was planning a trip to Florida and he wanted me to meet them. He would fly into Augusta and rent a car and we would drive to Florida and join them.
In June 2006, he did just as he said and the trip was great, his family was awesome and made me feel very welcomed.
In early September 2006 he invited me to the UK for a visit, I had explained to him that even though it had been a dream of mine to visit another country, I had never flown before. He told me not to worry that he would take care of that, He flew here to fly back with me so I would not be alone. Even though I was terrified of getting on the plane, my fears were subsided with him at my side. I spent 6 awesome weeks there and had fallen so much in love with each other. He has been here several times over the last year and we talk everyday, sharing all our hopes and dreams and our love has grown into something so amazing that its so very hard to be away from each other.
That will soon change as I will be moving there in the next few months and our plans are to be married in the early part of 2008.

ďIf his love were a ship,
I would sail forever...
ďIf his love were money,
I would be the wealthiest woman in the world.....
ďIf his love were Life,
I would live forever!!!!

So thank you Mega Friends, not only have I met some awesome friends here, but I have met the most amazing and wonderful man that I love with all my heart.

Catriona 24

Posted on Oct 24, 2007 by Catriona24

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