Once upon a time, there were 2 Megafriends, who lived in faraway lands, across the ocean, half a world away from each other. One Megafriend decided to peruse the other's profile. The other Megafriend responded with a message. Witty and sarcastic responses flew between them. Shortly after, the telephone wires began burning through the long distances.

Months later, a huge jumbo jet landed in a faroff land and so began a long distance romance. Prepaid calling cards were purchased by the truckload, as telephone calls lasted 3+ hours. International airlines clapped with joy, as these 2 began flying back and forth across the oceans, half a mile away!

Christmas Eve, 2004 in Central Florida, one Megafriend presented an exquisite engagement ring to the other Megafriend and asked the question, to which the reply was "YES".

On Saturday, April 23, 2005 a celebrant announced the 2 as Mr & Mrs Megafriends in Central Florida.

Now, as they await approval for immigration, they have the joyous task of preparing for another wedding in Australia!!!

Life's great mate! Pebbs June 26, 2005

Posted on Jun 26, 2005 by misspebbles

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