Such is life

i sop like this which shown to me by a friend . First of all i find it marvelleous , since we meet people all around the world , by location by intersts and age , ect ... I hope through this site i 'll find my soulmate whatever some people tell about the virtual meeting , friendship and love . Sometimes they deceive .Anyway , one has to beleive also on his own thoughts , and follow his way till he/she is hindered by that certain turmoil .Life is so easy and so difficult at the same time .it's as FIRE , good for energy , heat, romance and cooking but it also burns , kills and makes too many creatures upset and distroyed .life is as water! as the quadrature of nature :spring , summer , fall and winter ; sun , coulds , wind , rain and snow .one has to know how to deal with each , know to be happy and consume the sadness .Life is as a duzzle of eyes , here we're born , there we die .from nothing to nothing . Many people such me , use net to meet others , the other special one ; for we have surely lived or witnessed that or that upsetting moment .net is as having the whole world between hands , watch it as a picture for far from eyes .Nevertheless , religions , style of life, skin ,credit cards , and tohers things of those are still imposing .Friendship and love have no borders no conditions .What does differ us from animals ? Aren't we humans ? aren't we , all of us , from homosapians ?

Posted on Mar 08, 2005 by natureisall

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